Sunday, July 27, 2014

Attempting to make a mold out of terrain.

The new project this year is to make some molds of Terrain pieces. I want to start by making some Trenches and then create a enough pieces to fill an entire warmachine board with Trenches.

My first attempt was done before I took enough pictures, but the end result was a complete mess :)  I did not use enough mold release, and i used sand, which I learned has "silica" in it, which stuck to my molding material (i'm using silicone based product)

From the 2 test pieces. The first piece was using sand again, but I have layered it in 3 layers of glue before applying the mold release

For Piece #1 i just used the made the sides more textured to mimic sand.

 photo 20140726_171231_zps4a334452.jpg

 photo 20140726_171225_zps03726844.jpg

I worked with clay borders this time, (instead of the lego mold) and I really like having a bit more freedom.

 photo 20140726_173948_zps426f4a37.jpg

When complete both molds came out fine, and nothing stuck to the mold.  The challenge is the piece of trench i made did not hold together after I pulled it out of the mold. It is a combination of plastic card, and lots of small bits. This may be something I just need to live with

 photo 20140727_071007_zps4f895cab.jpg

I then made 2 resin casts of each mold to see what the piece would look like and which texture style i would like.  Both images listed below.. You can tell the ends of the cast still need some work, and I have to get bet at trimming the mold when I pull t out, but I am happy with the improvement over my first attempt.

 photo 20140727_090439_zps09177b15.jpg

 photo 20140727_090809_zps9f1000d2.jpg

The next challenge will be finish a bigger trench piece and make it ready for the process.. This is a somewhat expensive learning process, but it has been very intersting.

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